Klemen Bučar of the Jožef Stefan Institute and Jiří Šperka of the Czech Metrology Institute gave two oral presentations at the online conference OpenAlt 2021 organized on 6th November 2021. Klemen presented about calibration of a DIY Low-cost Aerosol Detector and Jiří presented about metrology of aerosol particles and AEROMET II project. Conference website can… Read More

Reliable compositional analysis of airborne particulate matter beyond the quantification limits of total reflection X-ray fluorescence In this work, the reliability of total reflection X-ray fluorescence (TXRF) analysis for providing information on the absolute chemical composition of airborne particulate matter collected in a size fractionated manner by means of cascade impactors is investigated. It is… Read More

Registration for seminar is open and free of charge. This one-day workshop is organized in frame of EMPIR AEROMET II project on 16th September 2021. It will provide you with an insight into: Principles of optical measurements of aerosol particles and applications. Mie scattering. Numerical analysis of light-particle interaction. Handling particle imperfections and inhomogeneities. Registration can… Read More

NTUA published together with BAM, EK, Bruker Nano GmbH, UNICAS, NPL, NILU, LNE and PTB have publish Quantification of Element Mass Concentrations in Ambient Aerosols by Combination of Cascade Impactor Sampling and Mobile Total Reflection X-ray Fluorescence Spectroscopy. The paper can also be found on Papers page.… Read More