Outcome of IMA 2021 12th International Conference on Instrumental Methods of Analysis: Modern Trends and Applications

Statistics and awards from EXSA (European X-Ray Association) and MDPI Publisher of the conference IMA2021 organized virtually from NTUA and University of Thessaloniki (20-23 September 2021)

Dr  Konstantinos Eleftheriadis presented the plenary lecture with title: ” The role of aerosol science on understanding and preventing SARS-CoV-2 transmission in the Community”.

I, Dr. Stergios Vratolis, presented the following lecture: “Aethalometer multiple scattering correction in an Arctic environment”.

Traceable analysis of aerosols and advanced materials at the nano- and microscales by X-ray spectrometry

  1. Beckhoff, K. Bzheumikhova, P. Hönicke, Y. Kayser, C. Stadelhoff, R. Unterumsberger, A. Wählisch, N. Wauschkuhn, J. Weser, and C. Zech

Element Mass Concentrations in Ambient Aerosols, a Comparison of Results from Filter Sampling / ICP-MS and Cas­cade Impactor Sampling / Mobile Total Reflection X-ray Fluorescence Spectroscopy

  1. Seeger1, J. Osan2, O. Czömpöly2, A. Gross3, H. Stosnach3, L. Stabile4, M. Ochsenkuehn-Petropoulou5, L. A. Tsakanika5, T. Lymperopoulou5, S. Goddard6, M. Fiebig7, F. Gaie-Levrel8, Y. Kayser9, B. Beckhoff9

Total reflection X-ray fluorescence reference materials for cascade impactor air quality monitoring systems

  1. Vigna1, M. Gottschalk2, E. Cara3, F. Ferrarese-Lupi3, A. Verna1, S. L. Marasso1,4, S. Seeger2, L. Boarino3, N. De Leo3, F. C. Pirri1,5 and M. Cocuzza1,4

X-ray fluorescence and absorption methods for identifying sources of urban aerosol pollution episodes

  1. Osán1, O. Czömpöly1, V. Groma1, E. Börcsök1 and S. Pollastri2

NPL Studies into dental surgery airborne particulates for COVID-19 mitigation

J.T. Tompkins, D.M. Butterfield, A.S. Brown

The role of aerosol science on understanding and preventing SARS-CoV-2 transmission in the community

  1. Eleftheriadis

Aethalometer multiple scattering correction in an Arctic environment

  1. Vratolis, K. Eleftheriadis

Experimental measurement protocol of aerosol deposition relating to a bend in a large ventilation network with rectangular ducts

  1. Costa1, 2, J. Malet1 and E. Géhin2