In the International Aerosol Conference 2022 held in Athens, the AEROMET II EMPIR project had three dedicated sessions. Firstly, a dedicated training session consisting of 6 lectures to help to disseminate the practical knowledge contained within the project’s consortium. Secondly, a dedicated poster session of 9 posters detailing the work already completed within the project. Finally, a dedicated presentation session containing 6 presentations in a room containing 150 attendees. This allowed the project partners to showcase the work within the project and take questions about the work conducted and future aims of AEROMET II. The dedicated sessions are listed below.

IAC Dedicated Training Session

  • Aerosol analysis by traceable x- ray spectrometry- B. Beckhoff (PTB)
  • Benefits and issues of aerosol analysis by TXRF- Armin Gross (Bruker, Nano)
  • Preparation of a DEKATI cascade impactor for size- fractionated elemental analysis of aerosols with TXRF- Stefan Seeger (BAM)
  • Chemical and structural characterization of aerosols by modern analytical techniques:Theory/Case studies- M.Ochsenkuehn-Petropoulou& Th. Lymperopoulou (NTUA)
  • Chemical speciation of elements in size-fractionated aerosol samples using XAFS- Janos Osan (EK)
  • Validating the performance of portable and low-cost air quality instruments- Stig Koust (DTI)

IAC Dedicated Poster Session

  • Towards standardizing the measurements of sub-10 nm aerosol particle size distribution- Dr. Katrianne Lehtipalo (University Of Helsinki)
  • Automating the Swiss Pollen Monitoring Network- Dr. Gian Lieberherr (Meteoswiss)
  • Method validation for mercury determination in airborne particulate matter and implementation in Pardubice area (Czech Republic)- Dr. Theopisti Lymperopoulou (National Technical University Of Athens)
  • Field intercomparison of stationary and portable soot instruments in a rural background environment under winter conditions- Dr. Mårten Spanne (Malmö Stad)
  • An Investigation by NPL into the Airborne Particle Removal Efficiency of a Commercial Extraction System in a Dental Surgery- Mr. Jordan Tompkins (NPL)
  • Qualification of portable instruments for ambient aerosol measurements- Mr. Stig Koust (DTI)
  • Characterising the Silver Particle Generator; a pathway towards standardising silver aerosol generation- Dr. Tobias Hammer (METAS)
  • Preliminary results of air quality at urban site with a low cost sensor- Prof. Inmaculada Foyo Moreno (University of Granada)
  • MAC values in South East Europe during 2017 to 2019- Dr. Stergios Vratolis (NCSR DEMOKRITOS)


IAC Dedicated Presentations Session

  • Traceable calibration of real-time bioaerosol particle counters- Dr. Konstantina Vasilatou (METAS)
  • Field intercomparison of particle counters under winter conditions- Dr. Axel Eriksson (Lund)
  • Performance evaluation of black carbon portable instrument with a laboratory experimental set-up under a controlled environment- Dr. Alexandre Bescond (LNE)
  • 1-year performance test of Soft X-ray charge conditioners- Dr. Ulf Winkler (TROPOS)
  • Reliable quantification of the elemental composition of airborne particulate matter by means of reference-free X-ray spectrometry- Dr. Yves Kayser (PTB)
  • Development and characterization of potential reference samples for TXRF elemental analysis of aerosol particles collected by cascade impactors- Dr. Janos Osan(EK)

Full authors and titles can be found here.