The local workshop was held to present the AEROMET II project and to show the potential and limitations of portable instruments for outdoor aerosol measurements on the basis of the results obtained so far through the experimental analyses carried out in the AEROMET II project. Prof. Luca Stabile, Ph.D.  gave a presentation, prepared with the support of Klemen Bucar (JSI), where the following topics were dealt with: i) introduction to the airborne particles (e.g. definition, health effects etc.), ii) particle dynamics and measurement techniques, iii) portable instrument, iv) use of portable instruments for research studies, v) results AEROMET II project in terms of portable instrument characterization. Finally, a demonstration of the use of the diffusion chargers was performed.

The local workshop was attended by representatives of: local authorities, local air quality protection agency, local company promoting the technological transfer at regional scale (PaLMer), and professors and researchers of UNICAS and other Universities.

Due to the COVID constrains, the event was held in a hybrid manner (5 persons in physical presence and 5 persons in online presence).